Network Security Approaches and the Case for Zero Trust

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Top executives say that legacy network technical baggage is holding them back from transforming their business

Increasingly, organizations are looking to zero trust to transform IT to meet the changing demands that the business and its customers expect. Because, let’s face it, an on-premises approach to enterprise networking is no longer effective and isn't providing the flexibility and security that organizations now need.

To better understand the challenges and opportunities that organizations are facing during this transformation. IDG surveyed top CXOs and other IT leaders. This led to the following insights into the current state and the future of IT:

  • Top security practices/solutions enabling cloud accelerations
  • Top challenges organizations are facing today when moving data and applications outside of the data center
  • Biggest challenges when collaborating between security and networking teams
  • Why it’s time to retire an on-premises approach and accelerate zero trust adoption


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