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Pure Storage FlashBlade: Unified Fast File and Object (UFFO) Platform

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Operational efficiency is the most-cited objective for digital transformation according to ESG research. Organizations are collecting, storing, and analyzing more data as they leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, the Internet of Things, and other modern technologies. However, most organizations silo their applications based on data types, making their infrastructures inefficient, difficult to manage, complex, and costly.

Pure Storage recently introduced FlashBlade as the Unified Fast File and Object storage platform. This scale-out, all-flash storage system provides unified, native file and object storage that is simple to manage and delivers high performance.

This report documents ESG’s validation of Pure Storage FlashBlade as a platform for consolidating both file and object data. The report also focuses on how FlashBlade’s ease of use and multi-dimensional performance deliver what organizations need to consolidate file and object workloads, increasing efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.


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