Defending Governments from Ransomware: Modernizing Malware Security with Cloud Sandboxing

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Ransomware and other data security threats are a serious concern for any organization. The average cost to rectify a ransomware attack for public sector institutions is substantial, when combining downtime, people time, device and network cost, lost opportunity, and ransom paid, is typically in the 7 figures - $2.73M in education, $1.27M in healthcare, and $1.64M in local government.

But stakes and risks are higher are even higher for government agencies because of the greater volumes of data stored than in the private sector, along with the high sensitivity of the data.

To address the threat, government agencies need security solutions that don’t rely on signature-based

anti-malware approaches, which only inspect a portion of traffic.


Download this whitepaper to discover:

  • How cloud-based solutions in government can block fast-moving threats, close security gaps, and eliminate blind spots
  • Using cloud sandboxing to protect data from growing ransomware threats
  • Steps you can take to reduce your risk of ransomware attacks with a call to action checklist

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